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Chiropractic Care for Mom and Baby

Chiropractic care is a wonderful, safe and gentle way to help mom during her pregnancy for pains, discomfort and labour prep, postpartum for pain and support and for baby during developmental milestones or any issues that come up.

Chiropractic care should be used for both preparation and prevention, as well as supporting wellness for mom and baby through life, but especially during this amazing, challenging and changing time!

Use this website as a tool! Learn some incredible information, ask questions, and pass it on to loved ones.

If you are a mom, you deserve care! You deserve time and support devoted to you. So please give yourself the compassion and permission to receive it. 

"My 4 yr old and I both see Dr. Kelly and we couldn’t be happier with her care. Her approach is gentle but highly effective, she is passionate about her work and genuinely cares about your concerns. Dr. Kelly is also result oriented and is able to accommodate with different techniques to suit ones comfort level. Having the home care available online is a great added bonus to review when needed. We feel lucky to have found her."

— Aimee

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